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Repairing the home, the foundation of organizations and the nation

PB Family Therapy and Corporate Services is a provider of quality and professional services in Zambia. Whether you are a corporate executive with hundreds in your employ, or a young couple that is just beginning their family, we are fully equipped to help you navigate the sometimes tumultuous challenges you are facing. Perhaps your situation may not be dire and you simply need some guidance and direction, in which case, we still have you covered. We provide many services catering to individuals, families, and organizations.

Founded by Dr. Paul Bupe who has over 30 years worth of experience providing leadership, teaching, and counseling, PB Family Therapy and Corporate Services is uniquely equipped to handle even the most intricate of situations. By beginning at the core, interpersonal and familial relationships, we are able to provide support on a wide variety of issues.

We also offer leadership training in addition to training for those who desire to become therapists.

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A frustrated person (husband or wife or parent) unleashes frustrations on people around them. While many may believe what happens at home should stay at home, it is impossible to completely isolate the issues of the home and other areas of life such as career. An employee is one person at work and at home. What happens to him or her in one place overlaps the other.

Therapy Professional - Training

You have made a great decision which has  the potential to change your practice forever. You hold a key to your future in family therapy and corporate services.  What will you do with it?

After becoming an independent family therapist and corporate services provider, it is important to learn as much as you can about family systems and corporate services.This Therapist’s kit is designed to give you information you need to become knowledgeable . It includes training information, forms you need for your sessions.


If you are striving for double digit increase in profit, and productivity, reduce absenteeism, and most important, customer satisfaction and long term company growth; is the net result to the organization filled with anger, frustration, and accusation? If your company is failing, management and workers are in constant battle, operations are in chaos and are losing money.

PB Family Therapy and corporate services can intervene to help you regain control of the situation.


Humans are the only creatures on this planet with such unlimited potential. We are capable of so much, yet sometimes we need a bit of help in figuring out how we fit into society and the world around us. With our years of experience, we offer professional and confidential counseling services that can help you untangle the increasingly complex web of social interaction and iterpersonal relations.


It is no longer adequate for corporations to deal solely with the economic issues of the pocket book. Priority must also be given to the non-economic issues of the heart.
— Dr. Paul Bupe


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